Media & Entertainment


The Indian media and entertainment (M&E) industry is one of the fastest growing industry in the country. Its various segments—Film, Television, Radio, Photography, Advertising & PR, Print, Animation & VFX, Events, Music and Digital among others has witnessed tremendous growth in the last few years. This module largely covers:

  • TV and Radio
  • Films
  • Photography
  • Newspapers
  • Advertising

Media & Entertainment module is designed to:

  • Train the trainers to gain basic knowledge of various segments of Media & Entertainment Industry.
  • Not only equip you with latest industry requirements but also provide an insight into latest industry trends.
  • With the incomes of the people rising at a fast rate, people are spending more on their entertainment and leisure activities, so this industry has become a major attraction for the job seekers. This module helps these job seekers to know about various methods and techniques to step into the right segment of Media & Entertainment Industry.

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